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A daily sight for an LDPK member.

On Monday morning I woke up somewhat depressed.

Before the memories of a weekend “wasted” (if you know what I’m sayin’!) are completely erased, I stumbled to the fridge. On the top rack sits an old friend.

“Hello Sweet Lady, want to join me in the shower?”

A few minutes later I feel the incredible sensation of…the shower beer.

Some of you readers may have never experienced the shower beer. Some of you may wake up after a night of partying, skip both the shower and the beer, and head straight for the Waffle House in an attempt to ward off the hangover blues with a greasy spoon. Let me tell you there ain’t a thing in this world quite as satisfying as kicking back a cold brew whilst taking a warm shower (well maybe one thing, but we’re trying to keep it PG-13). Ahhh…the sweet serenity of two of man’s greatest achievements, beer and indoor plumbing.

So men and women, I challenge you to take up this charge: start your day off right while you shower this morning. As a matter of fact shotgun a beer for breakfast, then mix yourself a gin and orange juice and nurse that warm buzz all day.


The Shower Beer

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