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While the LDPK has no political affiliations with anyone currently running for president (we will update you on our choice later…and it is probably the three toed sloth) it is a shame to see the media constantly ignoring a person who is obviously making waves.

Ron Paul has been rocking the libertarian schtick for years, seemingly hundreds of them, and the dude still gets no love. His voting record has always been legit, and there have been very few questions as to his legitimacy. Yet for some reason– and despite winning or coming in second in many straw polls, he gets ignored.

I mean it is so bad that he actually placed second in the Iowa straw poll with like 27% of the vote, and a certain news outlet, that will remain nameless, DID NOT EVEN EFFING MENTION HIM, but opted instead to mention some dude who dropped out of the race, and a dude who came in behind the dude who dropped out.

So what we have here is a biased media trying to shut down Mr. Paul, and I wonder why. Does his rhetoric so affect their status quo that he should not even be heard? Thank the Lord for the 14th district that at least is consistently voting in a voice of dissent for our paunchy congress.