Party Leadership

discocowboi : is a charter member of the LDPK, and contributes to the site by posting news stories that either involve LDPK activities (or non-activities) or helps highlight information embarrassing to other political parties.  He is also known to troll the comments to respond to questions and criticism of LDPK posts.  Finally, disco ensures that readers of the blog are up-to-date on the best movies and music that highlight the LDPK lifestyle.  True to his name, disco focuses on bringing energy to the dance floor at party functions.

Magnus : Best described as a “grousing Narcissus”, Magnus is one of the creative forces behind the LDPK’s formation.  We will go ahead and save you some time by letting you know that he doesn’t care what you think, and responds very poorly to criticism. If you are at some point forced into his company, just walk away when he starts getting defensive. Just think of a Larry David that isn’t funny, and has even less people who care what he says. 

threebillz: Beverage connoisseur and aggressive pacifist ( yeah, think about that), ThreeBillz is an esteemed founding member of the party. Always willing to see things from a different perspective, this Lazer Dragon also acts as a moral compass for party leadership. Check out his column ” 3 Billz has Heartburn,” where he lays down some raw truth about what’s making him most upset at the moment.

cauldronofhate : Embedded journalist with the LDPK, but far too apathetic to actually endorse or join the party. An integral component to the party’s artistic direction, cauldron can often be found surprising everybody by actually knowing the lyrics to pop songs and dancing to Israeli techno. Cauldron covers news events from around the nation, and acts as a liaison between the LDPK and numerous shadowy “sources.” Somehow this cat has got people working for him, and is keeping a death grip on their anonymity.

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