The Life of Our Party

Welcome to the Lazer Dragon Party Kollective home page.

Instead of tediously composing a tome about our party’s worth, we have opted for a more convenient Q&A style.

What is the Lazer Dragon Party Kollective?

We are a freedom-focused, loosely-structured political party that was founded in 2009 by a group of thinkers who found themselves disillusioned with the political structures they felt they were being forced into * takes deep breath after pretentious run-on sentence*. We like each other, we like peace, we like partying, we like truth.

What does “Lazer Dragon Party Kollective” even mean?

Dragons are awesome; lazers are awesome.  Neither one of them gets less awesome by being put with the other, so we felt we might as well name our party after something we found personally impressive.

Is this “party” a joke?

No, but your party probably is. Do you go and vote, knowing full well that what you actually want for your world and nation is not going to be changed in the least? That’s a joke. Unless you’re motivated by a lot of needless militarism, of course.You will see that happen all the time.

The LDPK is more serious than any party you will ever join, and any candidate you will ever vote for. We actually move forward our agenda of spreading truth ( as we see it), caring about humanity, and keeping the producers of cheap American lager in business.

Does the LDPK have a formal platform?

Sure. We came up with it while we were living in Mom’s basement, angrily reading Mises and The Drudge Report,  in between arguments about the dangers of Nancy Pelosi and having a black president.  Oh never mind, that’s not true, because we’re not Libertarians and we don’t care. Of course we don’t have a formal platform! We have many issues that matter to us, but if you want to hear about them, come have a beer on the porch ( or email us). We will warn you though, we’re not really that angry, so you will get bored arguing.

This party sounds childish.

Your mom sounds childish.

How large is your membership?

We don’t know and don’t care. We don’t collect dues, so it doesn’t matter. Go spend your money on something worthwhile.

How does one join the party?

We don’t need you to join. What you need is for us to be out there doing our thing. We will. Don’t worry about joining, just soak in the truth bombs we’re going to be sending your way, and we can both be happy.

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