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There and Back Again

Posted: April 2, 2012 by Lazer Dragon Party Kollective in From the Porch:

It’s been a tough few months for the LDPK.

Though we told ourselves early on that we would shun the cunning trap of American politics, the lure of power and prestige may have been too much for even our cynicism-hardened cadre.

Over the past months, the inner circle of the LDPK power structure was wracked with internal dissent. Do we throw the prodigious weight of our organization behind a likely candidate? Do we leverage the respect we’ve garnered as pundits and policy wizards to get a place at the table? Like too many others, the offers of power and influence had more of an impact on our governing board than we would ever like to admit.

It’s shameful, considering our roots, but we trust that our members and loyal readers will be moved by our openness, even in this hour of our failure.

That’s why – after long hours of soul-searching and heated discourse – the LDPK is casting off the ponderous shackles of convention, and reaffirming our commitment to not giving a rat’s ass.

In fact, we’re promising our followers that they will never again worry about their party leadership kowtowing to a system so base as to even marginalize the asses of rats!

In the days to come, you can expect to be enlightened and revitalized by the written insights that drew legions of followers to our party in the first place.

Policy analysis, 3 Billz “Heartburn,” beer reviews, and cultural assessments are all back on the table, people. It’s what we owe you, and what we do best.

Hold on. We don’t owe you anything! See how easy it is to slip away from a platform. Hold that. We don’t have a platform.

In short: We’re Back.