Come on people…

Posted: October 18, 2010 by Magnus of Longshanks in From the Porch:
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It’s good to know our government is focused on true justice and equity.

Last week, headlines were ablaze with news of T.I. ( the rapper? come on!) talking a man out of jumping off a building. Everywhere you turned people were excited – and probably surprised – to read about a celebrity using their fame to actually help someone out. Whatever you think about rap ( talking to you, ginger), that’s pretty legit.

Uh oh! It seems acting in a genuinely humanitarian way isn’t enough to compensate for the evils of familiarity with Mary Jane. Against all odds, police just happened to come across TI’s ride and smell “smoke.” Come on, people. Of course he’s lighting up in his garishly-rimmed vehicle. We’ve all seen the music videos. Aren’t there some actual safety issues in the community to be dealt with? Again, come on people!

Why not just include mandatory testing for weed along with mandatory census forms? That way, the government could make a clean sweep of locking up the worst element of society all at once: weed smokers. Sure, massive swaths of the workforce – and Hollywood – would be joining TI for the next year or so, but at least young people would learn that the dangers of prison are nothing compared to what marijuana could make you do!

Oh well.

  1. cauldronofhate says:

    Did you really make a “lolcat” reference, Magnus?

  2. GHTV says:

    don’t make no kind of sense.

  3. MoneyTalks says:

    They probably just knew they could get bail out of him, and wanted to get the money.

  4. threebillz says:

    I think we’re all well aware that Three Billz hates the drug laws.

    On another note Three Billz loves rap music, and I’m starting a free T.I. campaign, fortunately it can coincide with my free Weezy, Lil Boosie, Shyne and resurrect Pac and B.I.G. campaigns. Cross promotion.

    Also, the lolcats reference, for a second I thought a certain fantasy aficionado had hijacked the site.

    • discocowboi says:

      This really saddens me, because we all know that a prison sentence absolutely crushes a rap career. Will T.I. be able to shake this off and keep the albums dropping? I can’t doubt his spirit, but history is against him.

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