The War on Drugs: From Early Prohibition to The Noble Experiment

Posted: October 10, 2010 by threebillz in 3 Billz has Heartburn
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Imagine life without beer.. Sufficiently pissed? Oh yeah, not yet? Well imagine a life without Coffee. Now? I thought so.

Governments and religions waging wars on drugs goes way back.

Let’s begin by talking about the nature of a war on naturally growing things in a free economy. Arguably the growing of coffee is not inherently harmful to anybody, neither is opium, cannabis, etc.

In America it has become harmful, not because the actual growth, harvest, or sale needs to be dangerous, but because the American government has chosen that growing certain things is illegal, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Coffee was once banned in various countries around the globe because it was considered the “infidel’s drink”. So because it was associated with Islam it gained a bad reputation, and was labeled as an “intoxicant.”

Personally I know plenty of people that require coffee just to get out of the starting blocks in the morning. This seemingly innocent bean that makes an arguably delicious drink was once vilified for being associated with a certain group of people. Some of the prohibition on plants has been based on circumstantial evidence and no real safety threat to the populace.

But that was the middle ages right. We’re in a different age. Today the government only makes really bad and destructive things illegal right?

We began drug prohibition in America on a legal level with opiates (of course I think it began when they started taxing whiskey) in the early 1900’s. Many believe this was tied to racism because the bans were on the smoking of opium (generally done in Chinese opium parlors) because the ban was only on inhalation, and therefore the predominantly white doctors who sold opium in various medicinal forms would not be hurt by the ban. Next was the Harrison Act, which was set up to keep a paper trail of all opium and cocaine sold from pharmacies. Now it became a privacy issue, and it was all because people felt drug use was making men and women “immoral.”

I guess the next logical jump from there is to place a legal ban on  heavy metal music, television, and advertisements. Anachronistic, yes, but the point is clear: opium was banned because of the supposed moral backslide that parents believed their children had been caught in because of the drug.  Opium may very well be harmful, it may very well cause health problems, but it is not harmful to anyone other than the user. Until the government violently enforces bans on it, in which case the once upright business owner is classified as a criminal and stripped of his enterprise.Unless that man is a white man who has a license to distribute opiates and cocaine.

Do you get the picture here? The government’s war on drugs was mired in racism and intended to shackle true freedom

Then came American Prohibition, or the “Noble Experiment.”

How did a ban on alcohol come about? The “temperance” association.

A group of men who decided that alcohol was the heart of all moral troubles, well at first they just believed intemperance was t he problem, but it soon morphed into full blown teetotalism. Which then manifested itself in our oligarchy…oops I mean democratic republic of course. Notice a trend here?

Consuming alcohol is not directly harmful to any community. We need look no further than Oktoberfest in Germany to see that this is true, a large group of people drinking tons of beer in a week of fun. Guess how many security guards they need? None for the actual party part. The only aid they need is security checks to keep out terrorists who have threatened the festivities.

Of course – as with all things –  there are people who will go overboard, but will the government  ban fast food if 10 out of 20 fathers spend all of their paycheck and get grossly overweight eating said food?

The point is in a cursory look at the early laws on drugs, they are based on presumptive ideas and morality. Unnecessary posturing from the government to keep the gentry happy.

But it created an industry, the Prison industry. Good job America creating big government on the back of recreational drugs (and various other things).

Look for the next installment of Three Billz’ ” Heartburn” column.

  1. Shucks says:

    Not surprising here at all. Ignore the liberal agenda to focus on why America is bad because is keeps people from smoking weed. I’m sure you will be doing your best to fight this trend at your next “party” meeting.

  2. unfinishedscript says:

    Thought you might like this.. I had the privaledge of listening to it Saturday morning while I was making breakfast…

    Best part: Guy calls in and says he was a former Drug Smuggler. I almost fell over just by the way he said it.

  3. cauldronofhate says:

    As for Shucks, you should come to one of our party meetings. Oh, what’s that? You’re a buzzkill? Nevermind.

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