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Posted: October 5, 2010 by discocowboi in "You're Serious...Right?"
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” Look here, Faylene. I done made a sign what tells how I feel!”

BONNERS FERRY (LDPK News Affiliate) – Visitors to a Bonners Ferry, Idaho town hall meeting were met with a strange sight on Friday, when self-identifying Tea Party Libertarians agreed to—and did—take a stand for Obamacare.  Even more surprising was the method of conveying the message: paid advertising spots tattooed on the actual bodies of the Tea Partiers.

According to an unnamed Democratic Party operative, nine high-ranking members in the Idaho Citizen’s Reform Action Party (“ICRAP”)—the local manifestation of the Tea Party in Bonners Ferry—were paid an undisclosed sum to have one letter of the word “Obamacare” tattooed across each of their chests.  The letters, in Book Antigua font and tattoo green, ranged in size from twelve to twenty-four inches in height, depending on the girth of the bearer.  When instructed by operatives, the ICRAP leaders arranged themselves in the proper order in the middle of the crowd, spelling their message and enraging and confusing the other attendees at the meeting.

“I didn’t think they’d actually do it,” stated one of the operatives in charge of coordinating the raucous display of free speech.  “Apparently, a hundred bucks and a box of hollow point bullets goes pretty far with this crowd,” continued the operative.  When reminded that the operative had previously stated that he would not reveal the amount paid to each ICRAP member, the operative replied that “well, stuff happens . . . I mean they got everything they wanted.  We had over $100,000 budgeted for this operation, and all they asked for were the bullets.”  “We kinda gave them the money out of pity,” finished the operative.  “I threw this idea out as a joke one day, when things were a little crazy in the office after we got a hold of some bad Vietnamese food.  These guys took it to a whole new level.”

The members of ICRAP involved in the protest would not identify themselves for the purposes of this story, though “O” offered several comments as an unofficial spokesperson for the group.  “No I don’t feel like a sell-out,” stated O, “because I’m a libertarian.  My body is my property, and I should be able to sell it to someone else if I want to.  That’s the beauty of the free market: I sold my body to the highest bidder.”  When asked if he was troubled that he was “bought” by the Democratic Party, an organization generally considered to be the polar opposite of the Tea Party, O replied: “well that part kind of sucked, but they paid for it.  It’s not my job to tell them what to do with their property.”  Unprompted, O stated that he would “look like the rear quarter-panel of Kyle Busch’s car if somebody’d hook me up with some tickets to a Sarah Palin book signing.  I love what she has to say about politics, but she needs to learn how to respond to my letters.”

  1. Shucks says:

    There are a lot of us who got involved with the Tea Party, because we felt like that was the only way we would ever be heard. It doesn’t sound so far off from what you say you want. I mean, you want to drink beer and be left alone, but how are we all worthy of being mocked because we are out trying to do something about the things that bother us?
    I’m not getting an Obamacare tattoo. I’m just letting it be know that I’m not happy. The same thing you are. Cut us some slack, cowboi.

    • discocowboi says:


      The greatest misconception about the LDPK is that we are apathetic about everything. Far from it. The LDPKs care about the things that truly matter: peace, building relationships with people, partying, enjoying life, etc.

      What we are apathetic about are the misguided efforts political parties try to get us to sign on to. Where was the Tea Party 8 years ago, when freedom was being exchanged for “security” and wars were being started, the financial ramifications of which will be felt for generations? And what is the current Tea Party but a device that will do nothing but split tickets? And where are real solutions from the Tea Party? Stop public education and quit funding the census? We could go on, but we won’t (though check back for future posts on the blog reiterating our stance on the Tea Party).

      We would never squelch free speech. Scream as loud and ineffectively as you want, Tea Party. We just don’t support your ideology. You are but one more cog in the machine.

  2. cauldronofhate says:

    Very fair, Shucks. Discocowboi, response?

  3. Shucks says:

    If I were just another cog in the machine, I wouldn’t be out voicing my anger that the party I grew up supporting has become a party of waste and corruption. How is it the Tea Party’s fault for “not being around 8 years ago?” Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you that those events contributed to the discontent that the Tea Party represents? Go on ahead and make fun, but I think you and your frat buddies are just upset to think that you aren’t that far off from the unscrubbed masses you like to look down on.

  4. threebillz says:

    Threebillz thinks that being called a “frat buddy” is the lowest of the low. You take that back Shucks! Right Effing Now!

    In other news the Tea Party is a lie Shucks. You’ve been duped. The politicians involved are all the same lot you were in bed with before. They still suck. They’re still all about waste and corruption. You’re delusional if you think they are legitimately interested in what they claim.

    With that said, I appreciate your party. I think it is good to breed a sense of anti-authority in a larger group of people. Ultimately the tea party is like the gateway drug into Libertarianism, which is one step to what I believe is the key to setting this whole mess right, anarchy.

    So keep on trekking my friend. And try not to take the satire too personally, we pick on everyone around here, including ourselves. If you start taking things too seriously you’ll be an angry for quite a while. Which may or may not be a bad thing.

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