Praise for the Shower Beer

Posted: September 29, 2010 by threebillz in Uncategorized
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A daily sight for an LDPK member.

On Monday morning I woke up somewhat depressed.

Before the memories of a weekend “wasted” (if you know what I’m sayin’!) are completely erased, I stumbled to the fridge. On the top rack sits an old friend.

“Hello Sweet Lady, want to join me in the shower?”

A few minutes later I feel the incredible sensation of…the shower beer.

Some of you readers may have never experienced the shower beer. Some of you may wake up after a night of partying, skip both the shower and the beer, and head straight for the Waffle House in an attempt to ward off the hangover blues with a greasy spoon. Let me tell you there ain’t a thing in this world quite as satisfying as kicking back a cold brew whilst taking a warm shower (well maybe one thing, but we’re trying to keep it PG-13). Ahhh…the sweet serenity of two of man’s greatest achievements, beer and indoor plumbing.

So men and women, I challenge you to take up this charge: start your day off right while you shower this morning. As a matter of fact shotgun a beer for breakfast, then mix yourself a gin and orange juice and nurse that warm buzz all day.


The Shower Beer

Welcome to Bliss

  1. Belk Circular says:

    Simple truth, but truth all the same. Hold that cold one while the mirror fogs and the hot water beats down on you. It’s an elemental, wholesome pleasure you should think twice about denying yourself!

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